Tommy’s Restaurant Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar Menu


Freshly Shuck Oysters on the Half Shell-Seasonal

Half dozen 6.50

Dozen 12.00


Tommy’s Grilled Oysters 12.00(8 oysters) 16.00(12 oysters)

…butter, garlic, shallot, white wine topped with Parmesan cheese

Oyster Rockefeller 12.00(8 oysters) 16.00(12 oysters)

…sautéed spinach, smoked Tasso, Andouille Sausage,

roasted garlic cream

Oyster Crawfish Enchilada Sauce 12.00 (8 oysters) 16.00(12oysters)

…oysters topped with creamy cheese and crawfish tails

Double Oyster Rockefeller 12.00

…oysters topped with Rockefeller sauce

fried oyster, and garlic cream sauce

Oyster Shooter

…one oyster on the half shell

one shooter of Creole bloody mary mix 2.50

with vodka 8.50

Iced Oysters Mignonette 12.00

…Champagne-vinegar, white wine, crushed white peppercorns

diced shallots, diced jalapenos, cilantro served ice cold

Fried Oyster Poor Boy 12.00

…lightly dusted in corn flour topped with chipotle aioli sauce

Oysters served when ready

Happy Hour Menu Dine in only

Eating raw foods may cause severe illness and even death in persons with liver disease

(i.e., alcoholic cirrhosis, hepatitis, etc.), cancer and other chronic illnesses that weaken

the  immune system.