Clear Lake Oyster Bar Beer and Oyster Pairings

Everyone goes on and on about pairing wine with their favorite dinner dishes. While many people enjoy the taste of wine, it’s not everyone’s go to. Some enjoy the taste of beer more than the taste of wine. We don’t think that beer drinkers should be left out when it comes to pairing their favorite drink with the saltiness of fresh gulf oysters. Take a peek at our beer-oyster combination suggestions.


IPAs are one of those beers that you either love or hate. For those who love the hoppiness of this style of beer, you’re in luck! IPAs perfectly compliment the saltiness of the oysters. This beer style is particularly ideal if you enjoy cocktail sauce or horseradish with your oysters. Those who enjoy their oysters fried will also benefit from an IPA. The bitterness helps to cut through the greasiness of the fried oyster, working as a palate cleanser. Try an 8th Wonder Hopston or Karbach Hopadillo for this combination.

California Common BeersClear Lake Oyster Bar

This particular style of beer originated in, you guessed it, California. California common beers are lagers with a bit of a fruity taste mixed in. The lightly fruity taste mixes well with the saltiness of the oysters. It’s a palate-pleasing balance. For future reference, this style of beer pairs well with all seafood. If you can find it, try Anchor Brewing’s Anchor Steam Beer. For a local choice, Saint Arnold’s Texas Common is a take on the California common beer style.


Ahh! The crisp, refreshing taste of a pilsner. Of course, this high carbonate, mildly hoppy beer would pair well with a fresh Gulf oyster. Pilsners elevate the freshness of the oysters and give them a little bit of an edge. Try a Hans’ Pilsner from Real Ale Brewing company or a B-52 Payload Pilsner with your fresh oysters for a nice summer treat.

Stouts and Porters

Something as light as an oyster can handle a heavy stout or porter. The sweetness of a stout pairs well with the saltiness of the certain types of oysters to create a balance. For more mild tasting oysters, porters are your best bet. The taste isn’t as sweet, so it won’t overpower the delicate taste of the oyster. The ever popular Guinness is a good stout option and the local 512 Brewing Company’s Pecan Porter would provide a nice, mellow, nutty taste.

Is there an oyster-beer combination that you swear by that isn’t on our list? Send us a comment telling us what your favorite beer and oyster combination is. Stop by Tommy’s for fresh oysters daily and a bar stocked with your favorite beers.

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